About Christine

Hi, I’m Christine a new fan of an old show, Leave It To Beaver. I’m just old enough now to appreciate classic T.V. shown in black & white. Admittedly, I’m curious about the color of their world, but there’s something wiser and timeless about black & white. True, some of it holds up and some doesn’t. I don’t see many stay-at-home wives wearing designer dresses, complete with pearls, waiting to kiss their husband as he walks in from work. But, a girl can dream, right? Honestly, I love the hokey parts like Ward who rarely takes his suit jacket off even at home, June who promptly offers each boy a glass of milk after school, and especially the way they talk. I just can’t get enough of “Gee, Wally” and “Say, Beaver” that starts every sentence; along with the word “creepy” that inevitably describes every situation or person. What I really love is how well Ward & June parent their beloved Wally & Beaver. I’ve worked in professional child care for nearly 17 years, and let me tell you their parenting style is healthy according to modern child development research. I’m attempting to link this classic parenting style with today’s parents. So, if you want a classic spin on parenting today then follow my blog, put on your apron or suit jacket, and Leave It To Christine.

Classic T.V. Family

Classic T.V. Family


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