Tell ’em you’re a big boob!

imagesIn this episode, Lumpy earns a scholarship to college, but Wally was denied despite his good marks. Ward and June are supportive enough to allow Wally to throw Lumpy a party. Lumpy starts getting attention from friends, even girls, and Mr. Rutherford (Lumpy’s father) is thoroughly taking the opportunity to boast about his big shot son. Meanwhile, Mr. Rutherford receives a notice that the scholarship was canceled due to a bad grade. Lumpy receives a call at the party from his dad who calls him, “a big boob!” Lumpy feels horrible for the rest of the night. The next day, Rutherford talks with Ward complaining about how Lumpy made him feel; however Ward suggests that Rutherford should consider how it has made Lumpy feel. In the end it works out that Lumpy can go to summer school, and still get the scholarship. Rutherford didn’t change, and returned to his typical boasting.

Parenting Tip: Give some thought to how failures make your children feel and avoid feeling like they’ve done something to you. And, don’t criticize your kids with harsh names!


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