WWWD about a teen’s choice of hairstyle?

Even back in the day, middle school teens wanted to conform to whatever was trending, even if ridiculous like this jelly roll hairstyle that Wally is sporting. The important parenting tip is to stay calm and realize in time your teen will mature or the trend will change. Like Ward, I think it’s best to allow youth to express and experiment with personal style. To me with all the trouble that teens can get into, hair style is the least of my worries. In this episode, June didn’t quite trust Ward’s judgment, and went to speak with Wally’s principal in hopes that the hair style was against the rules. The principal assured her these matters have a way of taking care of themselves. However, June spoke to Wally about how the hair style made her feel, and decided he would rather not embarrass his family. I think his decision showed respect, but the parents allowed him to make that choice. The important thing to remember as parents is we can tell our kids how we think or what we feel, but in the end some things just need to be their choice.

Parent tip: Youth conform by not conforming. Like Ward said, “It’s practically impossible for parents to make a boy see themselves through parents eyes.” So don’t be “so cruel as to force them to be different.” Choosing a hair style is one of the first forms of self expression.

Wally sporting the trendy hairstyle.

Wally sporting the trendy hairstyle.


3 responses

  1. Love to see your blog getting it’s start! And haha so true about hair being the least to worry about…thanks for giving me some hair freedom & fun back in the day:)

  2. Completely agree. Too bad they don’t make a version of earplugs for eyes. Then you can still interact with them without being distracted or pained by their appearance. (It was hard for me to look when my son dressed in a red shirt and green pants in March. I let him and he thought it was hilarious that he was “hurting my eyes.”

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